Some Things About Us









The Kids

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central America’s top priorities are the safety and well being of its members. Through effective programming, delivered by caring adults, Club members have a safe and positive place to go to, during the critical hours of the day.

Standards We Live By

Best in Youth Development

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central America models itself after the best Youth Development organization in the world. With the guidance and training of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we can offer effective programming, train our staff and volunteers and live up to the standards of an organizations that prides itself in its transparency and its over 150 years of Youth Development experience. Similar programs, similar feel, with a taste of Central America!

It’s all about the legacy we leave for generations that follow. Our focus is on providing youth with the best opportunities, so that they can dream big and achieve even Bigger!”

We need you, our world needs you..
Get involved and let’s give the youth of Central America, an opportunity at greatness!