Imagine The Possibilities.

Your goal? To give your child the best possible start in life. Ours? To provide the tools, resources, caring adults and FUN, to make it all happen!

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After School Programs

Every Club member receives tutoring and homework help. Our goal is to make sure that each member is not only ready, but exceeds at school. In addition, Club members get to learn about career options. Programs include: English, Robotics, Technology, Arts and much more!

The Sky's the Limit

Club members are encouraged to be creative, to explore and to discover new things. The Clubs are equipped with technology, books and trained staff. Each child is encouraged to explore the world and to dream much bigger than they even think possible.

Character & Leadership Programs

Confidence building programs, accompanied by caring and professional adults, will lead to some very productive young people. Modeling after Boys & Girls Clubs of America's leadership programs, CNNCA focuses on building the next generation of leaders.

Above all... FUN!

Clubs are built on the foundation of Safety and Fun! The Club is open to ALL youth who need us most. Some Clubs may have age restrictions, but most Clubs serve school aged children, who want a sense of belonging. The Clubs do not discriminate for any reason. ALL children are welcome, and if membership fees are not affordable, scholarships are available!

arrow left downWorld Class Leaders

Exectuive Director

Our Executive Director earned her Masters in Public Health and Masters in Social Work and a B.S., Psychology, University of Georgia.
With over 25 years experience in Youth Development, Community Engagement and Organizational Management. Recent recipient, of the
"Changing the World Award"

Program Director

Earned her Masters of Global Medicine and a B.S. in Biology, from the University of Southern California. Currently a PhD Candidate at John's Hopkings Univerity. She worked at UCLA and as an accomplished Public Speaker

edward and nate
Resource Development

Earned his Masters in Business Administration, from the University of Florida. Responsible for establishing partnerships and relationships to enhance recources for the organization. Launched key Sister Club partnership with Florida based Boys & Girls Club, to launc Immersion exchange programs.

Events Lead & Marketing

Earned her Degree in Film and Television at New York University, Tisch. Has participated in numerous film projects throughout the United States. Currently, working on producing a film. Has provided guidance in developing technology-based programs, such as Lego Films and more at the Clubs.

Healthy Food Everyday

Every day we attempt to provide every Club member a snack. Through this we hope Club members are better prepared to learn, and to participate in every day programs. We need your support!


Healthy Snacks

Club members receive a snack and valuable information on what it contains, and why it's good for them.

Within Family Means

Healthy Lifestyles includes education on how to buy food more effectively, on a budget.


Every Club member is celebrated with a delicious treat when it's her/his B-Day or when a major accomplishment is achieved.

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